Coveting a Coffee Cup – Part 2

As a follow up to my ‘Coveting a Copper Coffee Cup’ post, I picked up a lovely set of espresso cups.  These white cups by Italian homeware company Alessi have a beautiful bell-shaped design which combines classic elegance with comfort.   I got this set from HomeSense, a new favourite shop of mine, where you can pick up some great branded homeware at a bargain, if you go in with an open mind!



Violet Velvet

Over the weekend I grabbed a bargain with this beautiful purple velvet Jigsaw dress, from my local Oxfam shop.  It is slightly big for me and missing a ribbon belt, but at £2 for the dress I can’t really complain (and these things can easily be remedied by a trip to the dressmaker)!  The dress has short ruched sleeves with a low straight neckline, a ribbon detail at the corner of the neckline and reaches down to calf length with a beaded frill.

The dress is evocative of sunny woodlands and fairy-tales and so it would go really well with rose gold accessories such as my delicate dipped leaf necklace from Bloom Boutique and Accessorize sequinned handbag, and a brown leather plaited belt.  Paired with dark grey or even dark green tights and metallic shoes, this would be perfect for a glitzy winter party!


Twisty Roses

I was given the task of doing some window dressing for my local Oxfam shop, and had to come up with something fresh and spring-themed, using only the limited resources within the shop.  Spring for me is about flowers and pastel hues.   I hit on the idea of using some of our merchandise in a creative way to mimic flowers.   I then thought of making flowers out of the scarves on sale in the shop.

I struck gold with this method by Violet Le Beaux, who provides a clear step-by-step tutorial on how to tie a silk scarf rose.   It works best with smaller scarves and with thinner fabric, such as silk, and looks great when you use a scarf in block colours or two or three tones of colour like my purple, pink and grey scarf below.   For the shop display I used different shades of pink.   Try it, it’s simple but looks lovely!

twisty rose


Coveting a copper coffee cup

That’s what I really want right now in my life, and it is all because of my new Le’Xpress espresso coffee maker, given to us as a wedding present.   This stainless steel coffee maker is sleek and stylish with a beautiful copper effect.   It is so easy to use, making great coffee in minutes and is just as easy to clean afterwards.

Good, strong coffee – just what I need – and now I need a set of espresso cups to go with it!  I’ve searched hard on the internet to find a set – and I found these beautiful copper effect cups by Tom Dixon, which would be perfect! I can only dream of getting these, but there are also some beautiful ones on, including tropical bird-inspired cups by Perky (the peacock is my favourite!) and a delicate dragonfly design by Melody Rose.

We still have some vouchers left over from the wedding so here’s hoping…


LOVE Labradorite

I can’t stop loving sterling silver jewellery and semi-precious stones, no matter how much I buy!  So when online boho jewellery store Rose Garden Waterfall ran their 50% off promo during the winter holiday, I took advantage and got this beautiful ring.

This sterling silver ring holds a large oval labradorite stone, embellished on each side by a delicate leaf motif. Face-on, the stone is a dark grey, but when held up to the light and tilted at an angle, it gives off a deep blue hue.  This iridescence, which is characteristic of labradorite, confers a uniqueness in colour for each individual piece of stone, ranging from the cold blue-grey of a frosty winter to peacock blue to ocean green.  It is what I love about labradorite and why I can’t get enough of it.