Time for Tee!

I am a massive, massive fan of the band tee shirt.  It is a great format for showcasing some of the most amazing artwork from music albums, and can be a way of publicly stating your love for a band and their music.  Gigs and festivals are fantastic places for picking up band tees, and there’s nothing I like more than buying a souvenir tee shirt of a band that I’ve just seen.

My new acquisition is this Hawkwind tee shirt from Cosmic Saint store on Ebay, who also have their own store online selling a cool range of tees.   The artwork is taken from the cover of Hawkwind’s album In Search of Space, designed by graphic artist Barney Bubbles, who also designed the covers for some of Hawkwind’s other albums as well as a large selection of musicians during the 1970s.

I have picked up a few band tee shirts along the way.  Two of my favourites are these Radiohead and Joy Division ones.  The Radiohead tee shirt depicts the simple yet colourful artwork from In Rainbows, which I got at their 2008 gig at Malahide Castle in Dublin.  The Joy Division one, with its ubiquitous pulsar image, is from Urban Outfitters, and has drawn many compliments from complete strangers in the street!  Both tee shirts have been well-loved, as is evident from the photos, but that, along with a loose fit and soft touch, is part of the relaxed appeal of a good band tee shirt.


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