Bohemian Beauty

I am obsessed with all things boho.  It all started when I began looking for my wedding dress, in search of that fluid silhouette and free-flowing wild spirit of the late 1960s.  I look to shops like Free People for inspiration, but unfortunately my wallet won’t always allow me to indulge!

At the weekend it was love at first sight for me when I saw this beauty of a dress in the window display of H&M in Hammersmith.  When my husband pointed that dress out to me and said how ‘me’ it was, I just knew I had to have it.

At £14.99 this was a steal.  For that price it is so beautifully made and fits like a dream.  The dress is maxi-length, reaching right down to my ankles, with a split down each side and a tassel tie detail on the neckline.  The sleeves are long with buttoned cuffs.  The earthy Eastern-inspired print is embellished by jewel-toned blues and gold.

I’ve accessorised this dress with boho-inspired turquoise and silver jewellery to highlight the blues of the dress.  The jewelled pendant from Oasis complements the pattern of the dress, as do these Indian-inspired sterling silver earrings.  Silver-toned shoes help to uplift the look.  Brown leather boots would go equally as well.  The thing to complete the outfit would be a burgundy or brown suede or velvet jacket, but I don’t have one as of yet!


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