The Who Hits 50! @SSE Arena Wembley, Saturday 13 February 2016

I’ve been listening to the Who’s back catalogue over the last month in preparation for this gig.  I didn’t really know what to expect, especially as I’ve not been the biggest fan and only got to know their music recently, but I wanted to see them anyway, so we caught them at the start of their North American tour.  I’m not going to provide a critique of them as I’ll leave that to the pros, but all I’m saying is that they were absolutely incredible.  I was just amazed at the band’s vitality and charisma, and it left me with a smile on my face afterwards.  The only downer was when I accidentally spilled my glass of wine onto my new 501s in the process of trying to take a picture and had to endure being wet and smelling of cheap wine throughout the gig!

Might I add that I got another tee shirt? Yes, it was a Valentine’s gift from hubby, a navy retro ‘My Generation’ tee shirt.  I’m liking the distressed, worn-in look.