Ring a Ring o’ Roses

Hey chicas! It has been a long time since I’ve blogged.  Since starting work full-time it has not been easy to keep up, especially as when I’m on my few days off I’m always ticking off things to do on my long list of chores, and I just never get around to writing a blog post.  I have so many ideas in the pipeline for my next few blog posts, including lovely things I’ve bought in the last few months, but for now I’d like to share this little gem that I’ve been wearing every day for the last month.

Some weeks ago I was staying in Angel for my hubby’s cousin’s wedding (and that was a blast!) and discovered a part of London I now really, really like.  As per usual I was on the lookout for new retail experiences, and Angel had lots to offer, not being the typical high street that we all know.   On the morning of the wedding, we took a left from our hotel for a leisurely stroll and came upon a wonderful treasure trove of a shop.

After Noah is a real curiosity.  It is equal parts retro toy shop, gift shop and vintage furniture seller, and manages to marry all these elements together successfully.  On entering one notices how much stuff there is in the shop, but unlike other antique shops I’ve been to, where I’ve struggled to focus on any one thing for all the clutter there is, the product collections here are beautifully curated and fascinating to look at.

There were so many things to covet.  There is a fantastic range of vintage and contemporary furniture, and I had my eye on this super-duper couch, which looks so cool yet comfortable!


Whilst browsing the toy shop, I came across this cute origami fox lamp, intended as a night light for kids.  Who is to stop me from getting one though?


I got my sister this dinky little walrus toy, which I knew would make her laugh.

Walrus And Ball Wind Up Toy In Retro Box1454605609

Whilst down in the basement, which was chock full of yet more cool furniture, I tried on an exquisite bowler hat for fun!  I actually think this could be a look for me, though you may disagree…

Bowler hat

Last but not least, After Noah sell a lovely range of jewellery, and being the magpie that I am, I could not resist this beautiful sterling silver ring with its rose of rose-gold.  I’m in love with delicate banded rings at the moment, especially those with a hammered effect, and this one with its faceted band fits the brief.  It is great on its own or stacked with other slim bands.  I’ve worn it every day since I got it.

Rose gold ring



Designspiration (Take 2)

I’ve been away from this blog for quite a while now – things have been so busy what with me being away in New Orleans for a week! I’m planning a blog post on my trip to the Crescent City – I’ve taken lots of photos, done a ton of shopping and eaten my weight in food so I hope to have something up soon about this wonderful place!

In the meantime, I leave you with some more designspiration!

This miscellany of pics covers some fantastic window displays from the High Street.  Note the luscious tropical foliage of John Lewis, the kooky vintage frames of TM Lewin and the spring blues of Whittard – although many of you in the UK will, like me, be asking the very question ‘What is this ‘Spring’ they talk of?’ whilst you’re pelted with wintery showers!

An MOT garage is the most unlikely place to gather inspiration and yet I did, from AutoKare in Cambridge, which provided a superbly professional service as well as keeping me entertained with its cool décor of model cars and trucks, plus free tea and coffee, whilst I waited for my car to undergo its MOT (which thankfully it passed!)

Last but not least – my mother is a keen and talented gardener, and here are some shots from her early spring garden.  She got these fantastic flower hanging bags online and planted these pansies in gradations of mauves and purples.


She’s also been quite keen to plant different varieties of daffodils and these are her pride and joy at the moment – the deep orange trumpet and the pale cream of the outer petals reminds me happily of a creme egg!